Friday, December 08, 2006

Reward or punishment

Today is December 15th; I started this last Friday or Saturday Dec. 8 or 9. This one just didn't happen. It is the first Sunday Scribblings I have failed to complete and submit since I started in early June this year. Below are the ramblings I did manage.

My first thoughts:

"you can catch more flies with honey..."

There is a place for both punishment and reward.

Then I wrote this:
There is a problem with reading some other people's "scribblings" before writing one's own, especially if it is a topic one isn't particularly motivated to write about. After reading many of the first 15 posted this week, I found myself so much in agreement with Shelley and with a lot of the excellent points Sarah made, I found myself completely uninspired with new things to say or better ways to say them.

There is a purpose and function for punishment which restricts behaviors that endanger the doer or others, or which serve as a reminder and caution that one has abused freedoms previously given or even earned.

Rewards should be freely given but not for simply standard, expected behavior. Also, as much as possible, rewards should not be material (not food or things) but verbal or a positive natural result of the positive behavior.

The weekend was very busy and Sunday evening in the middle of a huge load, the washing machine broke and that was the end of last weekends scribblings. With apologies, that's it.


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