Wednesday, July 12, 2006

treading time

just another interim noncynce blog to insure I don't forget how before Laini & Megg post the next Sunday Scribblings prompt. I have certainly discovered how the internet can become so time consuming. This week, Dear Blog (not nearly as alliterative as Dear Diary) I have learned how to successfully make comments on the blogs of others---at least I believe I have, altho I still have minor problems with some. But Monday i was so down. I read the Scribblings of about 15 other writers and made nice, specific, and not always brief comments on about 8 of them, only to discover when I checked back that none of my comments posted. Two days later, i have finally succeeded in about 90% of attempts. I have also discovered how nice it is to receive comments. I am also amazed to discover how many people who have traveled have fantastic and special memories of Paris, as i do.


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