Friday, December 15, 2006


Anticipation is one of the most promising, most exciting words in our language. It is often associated with Christmas, almost always with weddings, and for children: with birthdays. If one could paint anticipation---I wish I could---I know it would sparkle and glow: like stars in the night sky, like lights reflected in a distance against snow, like a colorful, brightly lighted tree, like eyes of one in love. To my way of understanding, anticipation is always positive; the opposite experience of dreading and/or fearing a probable or expected event or result is anxiety.

In the vein of a number of books that came out in the '70s made up of metaphors for love; i.e. "Love is walking hand in hand" or "Love is a warm puppy." I decided to characterize anticipation that way.

Anticipation is a child who can't sit still or stop talking in class because his/her birthday party is this evening at Busch Gardens or Chuckie Cheese (or where ever).

Anticipation is what wakes even children who usually sleep til someone shakes them awake at noon at 4:45 AM on Christmas morning.

Anticipation is a young girl all dressed up waiting expectantly for her date to come pick her up for her first solo car date or for her first formal dance.

Anticipation is huddling together on the beach in the early morning dampness waiting for the sun to rise over the ocean.

Anticipation is expecting and imagining that first kiss of a new love.

Anticipation is salivating over your lottery ticket as the girl on TV draws out the winning numbers and you already have the first 3 correct.

Anticipation is waiting in line for a concert or movie you have been absolutely dying to see and now you are within an hour of actually being in attendance at.

Anticipation is waiting at the airport for a loved one or ones who have been far away or away for a long time or away and in danger, or maybe it's waiting for the one you love so you can tell him/her for the very first time that you want to share the rest of your life with him/her.

Anticipation is waiting for the first notes of "Here Comes the Bride" as you or your bride or your daughter starts down the aisle.

Anticipation is the look of overwhelming love in the eyes of both bride and groom as they meet together to finally become one.

Anticipation is waiting together in the labor room and talking excitedly and nervously about the baby, your baby, about to come into this world.

Anticipation is reaching out your arms to hold your new baby for the very first time.

Please feel free in the comment section to add your own favorite metaphor(s) for anticipation which I may have forgotten.


Blogger sundaycynce said...

Shame on me. How could I leave out the original anticipation of Christmas: the coming of the Christ child king and the accompaning anticipation of his mother and the shepherds and the angels; the awe and wonder, the lights and the music of the Christmas season. Anticipation is the silence in the church as we sing by candle light "Silent Night, Holy Night."

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