Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where in the World SS #173

Somewhere beautiful;
Somewhere serene;
Somewhere to age gracefully,
but energetically,
having adventures
with my love.

Somewhere with 4 equal seasons
with spectacular colors in spring and fall;
A place with a little bit of HOT
and a little more COLD;
but mostly just perfectly comfortable.
A place with fabulous mountains on the horizon,
where a vast variety of trees are found,
where deer and birds
and other wild life abound;
where hiking and biking are inviting.

A small town where everyone speaks
and waves to everyone else;
where people work together
on projects and on fun;
where anyone you ask for help is
willing and eager to do so;
and where all work together
to meet community needs;
where treasures are discovered in
everyday people and buildings;
and where history is alive and new.

A place with rivers and greenways,
with live entertainment free
in downtown streets and little restaurants.
A place with music and theater
but also churches and picnics and camping
and boating and swimming;
Where even new neighbors are invited to the
Memorial Day cookout...

Where in the world???
Our little town!!

And we love it!!!!!

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Blogger present said...

I can relate to small town life. I grew up in one and also raise my children in a small village in upstate New York. You know most everyone and there is a sense of belonging.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Old Grizz said...

Sounds like the best little town in American. Next time I'm in N.C., I'll stop for coffee..oh, oh I didn't a Starbucks listed. I'll drop in anyway. PS..don't give out the name..with your write up, you'll be swimming in disgruntled "fornians"

8:09 PM  
Blogger linda may said...

Sounds idyllic. Do you live there.
I have lived in small towns like that but believe me, they do have undercurrents, not everyone is so friendly. Then there is the lack of facilities and services, you need to travel to get to for several hours. There is also what you wrote about too. Community spirit and friendship, something special and often missing in bigger places.

9:32 PM  

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