Monday, November 19, 2007

I Carry #85 Sunday Scribblings

What do I carry??? Too much, always too much. Whether we are talking about the contents of my purse or what I pack for a 5 day short trip. I seem to try to carry the necessaries for any eventuality. Invariably, when I "pack light," I get there and find myself needing something I thought about bringing and decided against. I pack my purse to the point that sometimes even when I know, "I know I have one of those somewhere in here, I remember seeing it the other day," I cannot find that thing that I need "right this minute."

Purse stuff: regular, necessary things--- keys, money, check book (including address labels and church pledge envelopes), credit cards, gift cards, driver's license, auto insurance cards (one for each car) plus health insurance card, membership cards (Love Your Body, Sam's Club, library card, consignment shop member number cards), lipstick and chapstick, and daily appointment calendar; then there are eye things---contact lens case and fluids, reading glasses, sunglasses and occasionally lense cleaning spray or tissues; hygiene things---dental floss, travel toothbrush, mouth freshener mints, strips or spray; medicine things---headache meds for various types of headaches, a decongestant or two (just in case), a couple of herbal appetite suppressants, starch blockers, & grapefruit extract tabs; then there are the extraneous extras---money off coupons, shopping list, notes on what I need to do or something someone told me that I want to remember. Now I want to put this all in a purse that is not big enough to cause back pain and small enough to bit inside a filled file cabinet drawer or under the car seat.

I have a theory that we who are packrats in the stuff of our life may also be excessive carriers in other areas as well: memories, responsibility, guilt,....
That is basically another blog.

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Blogger forgetfulone said...

I'm a packrat, too, but I am getting a little better about it as I get older.

10:05 PM  
Blogger myrtle beached whale said...

Right now I am packing for a Thanksgiving trip. I can identify.

6:52 AM  

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