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What's Your Sign (SS--#66)

Astrology, horoscopes, zodiac signs. JR thinks all of this is silly. "Of course," he says, "every sign has a broad enough range of characteristics that everyone can find ways he or she is 'just like it says I should be.'" And of course, that is certainly a valid point. However, I have always felt good about being a Sagittarius, the archer, the centaur; a born teacher and traveler, so they say.

I have never been so into astrology that I have had a chart done, nor do I have any idea where my moon or sun is/was, within the sign, or what's "rising." But basically, I have always felt it was pretty plain that I abounded in Sagittarian characteristics. Just to brush up, I have indulged in a good bit of research on the subject (seeking knowledge is also a Sag. characteristic) in the last few days since the prompt was posted.

"Incurable optimist, always looking for the sunny side." Positive, kind hearted, energetic, encouraging, loyal friend.
"Excellent conversationalist, good sense of humor."
"Honest to a fault." Trustworthy and can be counted on to "tell it like it is," sometimes so impulsively that feelings are hurt because the energetic Sagittarius doesn't stop to think before speaking. Speak their minds, sometimes even "painful truths."
An idealist, refusing to be deterred, who "keeps on keeping on."
These phrases from that research describe me well. However, so do the ones that say:
"Sagittarians don't like mundane day to day details"---I read that "housekeeping," I am really not so good at that!!
"The archer may be so forward thinking--read "busy, over scheduled"---they forget the present, and thus may be late or even miss appointments."
"...tend to be impatient." Maybe that is from being over scheduled.
".. tend to procrastinate [maybe that was the line I was standing in twice-- my next paragraph will clarify that] but crisis brings out the best in Sagittarians, who perform best under pressure."

It says we Archers are independent, and I have always felt I am; but it says that independence is such a dominant characteristic that Sagittarians frequently are so driven by the necessity of having freedom that it tends to make them commitment-phobic and may cause them to turn down jobs that would tie them down. This is so opposite of me--38 years with the same man (the love of my life!), more than 30 years teaching English in the same county (tho' I have changed schools, and grade levels), and 27 years in the same house--- I have to wonder what other line I was standing in twice when they were giving out that trait.

Another trait I missed the line for was unemotional. I cry at sad movies and TV shows on a regular basis, also when I hear that an animal or someone (even ones I will never meet) has been mistreated. When I have to put a pet to sleep, even when I know they are ready and their life has lost its quality, I am a basket case. When I am happy, it is a secret from no one, and I truly take delight in simple joys. I am not too good about not showing anger either, but as soon as I spew out that anger, it is OVER, forgiven and on the way to being forgotten. Sagittarius is also supposed to have a tendency to gamble and take risks. JR would love to elaborate on stories about how far in the other direction I go on those.

Now I do have a theory about why I have several very strong tendencies that are so NOT Sagittarian that they are sometimes listed on the NEVER Sag. lists. I feel sure you have heard of "Nature vs Nurture." Both Mother and Dad were Cancer signs. I researched the Crab too. This theory would explain quite a few of my non-Sag traits. "Conservative, highly emotional, nurturing...need roots, resist change to an extent, concern themselves about being secure and safe, protective of those they care about." Apparently growing through all my formative years with the two of them had undue influence on my Sagittarian nature. "Intrigued by objects with history attached---antiques, photos, souvenirs. Love to collect and keep mementos"----ah ha, an explanation for my pack-rat-itus. "Can always talk about any subject with anyone." Looks like I got that one from both nature and nurture, which could be why I have a tee shirt that says, "I'm talking and I can't shut up" and why I chose the phrase that begins my description of myself in the header of my blog.

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Blogger Just Expressing Myself said...

I've wathced thirty seconds commercial that have made me cry - LOL
So nice to meet a fellow Sag!
Thanks for visiting.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Redness said...

You pick me in one but now I'm confused as I have almost all those Sag's traits you mentioned and cry, I blub at a parade, a live show ... too many to mention here - isn't this SS fun?

11:14 PM  

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