Sunday, May 13, 2007

Second Chance

"Do-overs" as Billy Crystal repeatedly referred to them in the City Slickers movies, should we get to have them?
One or several? One per year or per decade or one for every 25 years successfully lived?
Surely we have all occasionally wished for one or several. Yet one must also consider the potentially colossal ramifications it could have. Remember The Butterfly Effect? or Frequency with Dennis Quaid, where even when the change was to save a heroic fireman's live and keep his young son from growing up fatherless, the very small change needed to achieve that specific objective caused more far-reaching collateral changes than could have ever been imagined. The closest we can really come in this life, I believe, is an apology and a chance to try again to do it better, to do less damage, to avoid some hurt. Sometimes even that is not a possibility.

This seems to be a bigger topic (way bigger and with awesome and frightening reverberations/ramifications) than I think I am up to tackling today. So I believe, I'll choose the easier option of taking a second chance at one of the Sunday Scribblings topics I did not complete.

You will find that the one I have now posted to the SS page for #59 Second Chances is a completion of one prompted and begun several weeks ago on Secret Identities. I had fun with it.


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Good use of the prompt !
I shall go and read this too.

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