Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I know it is possible to love someone but to occasionally, possibly frequently, not like that individual. But is is possible to love someone and hate that person at the same time???? It is not for me. I truly believe that! In fact, I cannot imagine how that could possibly be. But then, I never had someone blood related who abused me heinously. I have been lucky enough or maybe optimistic enough to feel that none I love have ever seriously abused me, at least not for any extended period and not with vicious malice or intention to do me harm, and none at all has abused me physically or sexually.

Now it's May 13th and I looked back at this assuming it was a Sunday Scribblings prompt I never finished. Being unable to tell from rereading it what in the world the topic had been, I went back to the SS prompts only to discover that this was between #57 & #56, wings and rooted, I believe. It was not fostered by one of Megg or Laini's well thought out prompts but, apparently, by something I heard of in our news---local or national---and must have had something to do, I am supposing, with some awful family killing family story. In any case my original motivation and even line of thinking has completely evaporated, and if I am going to publish this at all, it might as well be done now just as an incomplete, musing log entry.


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