Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I am furious with my "NewBlogger" account and I have only had it about 48 hours. I want a phone number to call where I can address my problem with a real person who might help me, but apparently, no such help is available. For weeks, I resisted changing until this Sunday when the sign-on dialogue indicated that if I wanted to continue using blogspot, I must switch over to the "new blogger."

The only real purpose of my blogspot has been to discipline myself to write out and contribute my thoughts on assigned topics for Sunday Scribblings. Since I started last summer, not just the writing, but giving and receiving comments has also become a very vital part of this blogging experience. I really love and appreciate the community of sensitive and caring people I have become connected to this way. I care about both commenting and receiving comments. I have also loved my specific blogger identity, similar to but NOT the same as my email address. But this Google account has somehow screwed this all up. Tonight I have read about 5 new Sunday Scribblings--on Puzzled---and attempted to comment on several of them. On one I made 6 attempts to share a comment about how delightful the person's post was. None of them would "take." It said I had the wrong password. BUT I DID NOT. I knew I was using my correct password. However, just in case I had made a mistake when transferring ovet my account, I went to my new blogspot and had no trouble opening my own blog with that same password. It turns out that the problem is that I was using my blogger name and Google wants me to use my email address. If I sign that, the people I am commenting to won't even know it is me, Sundaycynce.

Anyway, I am currently furious about being forced to make first the one change, which, of course, the rhetoric promised me would not be any different except in the improved capabilities of the new system; and now being forced into another change, I resent and dislike and which, as far as I am concerned, impedes communication!!!!!!!!!! And because technology basically propitiates its superiority over humans, I cannot get hold of human to talk this problem over with.



Blogger miss magic said...

you have a gmail account, right? so what you have to do is go on the dashboard and click Edit Profile (on the right). Make your display name SundayCynce. That way your email and display name will be different, so whenever you comment it'll say SundayCynce. :D

6:09 PM  
Blogger sundaycynce said...

Thank you!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!! Haven't tried it yet but I will.

3:06 PM  
Blogger ~Kathryn~ said...

oh i hear ya !!
i don't have an answer for you - but i've had a whole lot of probs since i changed over - others i know have had NONE
thanks for your comment on my SS
i hadn't heard hte 'bread and butter' before !!!

5:28 PM  

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