Sunday, January 28, 2007


Chronicle--the apparently factual reporting of events--historical or legendary--which have taken place, delivered objectively and in chronological order.

This one probably holds the unique place of being the MOST challenging of these prompts that I have forced myself to keep trying to tackle.

Chronicles of Lost Sleep
She craned her neck toward the head of the bed. The digital clock read 3:28. She rolled back over and willed herself to go back to sleep. "Our Father..." she murmured inaudibly. Often prayers---calming, familiar, routine---would lull her back to sleep. She lost the thread. Bemused, her mind wandered; non-specific thoughts meandered past, til suddenly, for no reason she could identify, she was alert again: 3:54. Damn! She needed to sleep! 5:20 came all too early; and tomorrow was certainly NOT going to be an easy day. Stupid! Stupid! Why didn't she get into bed before midnight?!!
Once more, she rolled over, trying to find the right position or mind frame that would let her slip back into the oblivion that rests the body and the mind----awhile on her back, stretching in classic yoga relaxation; no; how about with a leg tucked up under the other knee? No good! She turned on her right and snuggled up to his sleeping shoulder. He stirred briefly, then settled again, breathing directly into her face. That's not gonna work. She rolled onto her stomach, knowing that wouldn't last long before her back began to hurt. 4:10. Damn it!! Damn it!! Damn it!!
Finally back to the left side, her best sleeping position, and she actively fought against the wakefulness, commanding herself to go back to sleep. After a few minutes, she threw back the top comforter, thinking if she were cooler, she would sleep better, but it wasn't long til she felt too cool, lots too cool. "That was dumb," she thought, "you always do better too warm than too cool." So she pulled the comforter back up, all the way up to her neck and concentrated on warming up. She almost, almost made it, almost slipped away. Almost, but not close enough. What in the hell did I eat that I shouldn't have?? Did I drink something with caffine too late in the day? Why is my body doing this too me?!!!! 4:45!!
Oh, this is hopeless!!!! Just get up, get out the damn health / headache journal and see if you can remember enough of what you ate or drank or did that may have created or exascerbated the anxiety or stress or whatever that caused this wakefulness. If you chronicle it all, in explicit detail, maybe, just maybe, you can figure out what NOT to do again.
Then you can write lesson plans or grade papers and put the time to some use. And tomorrow---I don't care what favorite show is coming on----tomorrow you WILL put yourself in bed by 10---well, absolutely 10:30, at the latest!!!!!


Blogger Cate said...

Oh, I really enjoyed your take on "chronicle!" I didn't do that one--just couldn't come up with anything. I'm glad that you persevered!

2:54 PM  

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