Saturday, January 13, 2007


Kisses are among the most special, most magical entities of our human world!

A kiss is a magic snowflake.
It touches you and melts.
Sometimes, except for a special, gentle tingle or spark,
you can wonder if it actually happened.
Sometimes it is simply a friendly greeting;
Sometimes it melts in and sustains you,
Gives you support and strength.
Frequently it melts your heart;
Sometimes it makes your knees weak, and
Makes you feel all liquid inside, and dreamy.

A kiss can also be a down mattress or a down comforter
in a silky douvet;
Something that entirely envelopes you
in welcome and welcoming softness.
It swallows you, cuddles you, makes you feel drowned--in a good way;
draws you in, almost rocks you,
in supportive, surrounding softness, like a warm bath.

Of course, there are some kisses you really don't want to remember.
Some of these are the ones that are really wet.
When the kisser draws back, your face feels cold and yucky,
like you need a hand towel to dry your face,
and perhaps the opportunity to try again
(with water and a washcloth)
to get it washed properly.
Unless that kisser was a beloved dog,
and sometimes even if it was,
You pretty much want to put an end
to this particular intimate session
and find something friendly
but less damp to do next.
At least I do.


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