Sunday, April 24, 2011

SS topic for Easter weekend '11----"Shine"

Absolutely appropriate for Easter weekend: SHINE. Dazzling sunshine and spring flowers, bright colored Easter eggs & baskets & children's clothing and ladies' shoes. Easter's image and stereotype are wonderfully and remarkably bright with new spring shininess. And today is indeed a beautiful shiny Easter!!

But now I make my home in Wilkes County, NC, home of Junior Johnson. Now when one says "shine" to me, I must consider the other meaning, the one implicit in the history of my new home county, where "shine" is just as likely to refer to the liquid product, white in color, and also called "white lightning" or "moonSHINE." Wilkes county, where our step up in culture is defined by our annual "Shine to Wine" festival, announcing and exposing our new productivity in wineries. You ought to come visit in May.

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